2nd Annual Agri-Biotech India Summit 2017

The application of biotechnology can be traced back to ancient civilizations; the most ancient form of biotechnology is fermentation, use of microorganisms such as yeast in manufacturing of wine, bread etc. Today modern biotechnology involving the use of recombinant DNA technology, genetic engineering, trait enhancement methodologies, disease resistant techniques has emerged as a powerful tool with numerous applications, from medicinal and pharmaceuticals, to addressing the energy requirements in the form of bio-fuels, to agricultural applications. The Indian Agriculture sector is one of the largest in the world and one of the major contributors to the nation’s GDP. This sector is faced with some tough challenges such as reducing land resources, increasing consumer demands for improved food quality and safety, unpredictable weather conditions, clubbed with increasing biotic stress, international competition have caused a choking effect on the industry. The technological advancement in the field of biotechnology promises to accelerate the agricultural sector to greater heights. Here through this forum, we at Inventicon seek to establish a platform to facilitate a comprehensive dialogue on how biotechnology can be the key to developing sustainable agriculture, to eradicate myth with scientific evidence. Combining science with strategy.

Key Benefits

The Agri-Biotech India Summit is India’s most relevant and top level conference for Agri-Biotech professionals.

Key Topics of Discussion Day 1

  • Addressing the most crucial concern – Producing MORE with LESS
  • Building sustainability and resilience in the Indian agricultural domain
  • Genetically modified crops
  • Application of genetic engineering in medicinal plants
  • Agricultural biotechnology beyond genetic modifications

Key Topics of Discussion Day 2

  • Role of government in promoting Biotechnology and its applications in agriculture
  • Agribusiness in India
  • Biosafety in India
  • Plant Diagnostics – Identifying deficiency symptoms
  • Improving livestock productivity

Why should you attend?

  • Meet with experts, professionals, scientist of the Indian Agri-biotech fraternity
  • Keeping abreast with latest trends and technological advancements
  • Strengthening the business, scientific & regulatory aspect of Indian Agri-biotech sector
  • Developing a road map for the future of the Indian Agri-biotech domain
  • Platform to explore new collaborations

Who will you meet?

  • Chief Executive Officers / Managing Directors
  • Chiefs of Research & Development
  • Heads of Biotechnology
  • Chief Scientific Officers
  • Heads of Regulatory Affairs
  • Lead Biotechnologists
  • Heads of Tissue Culture
  • Heads of Sales & Marketing
  • Heads of Strategic Alliances